Det finns flera personer jag följer för att lära mig mer om webbföreatagande, Chris Ducker är en av dom. Jag har följt Chris i ett par år och lärt mig massor om att jobba mindre och tjäna mer. Det jag gillar mest med Chris är att han är realist, smart och alla tips går att direkt implementera. Mycket inspirerande!

I det här gästblogginlägget tar Chris upp ett viktigt ämne: hur vi kan frigöra mer tid med hjälp av virtuella assistenter. Jag har haft virtuella assistenter (VA) som rättat min engelska, hanterat min mejl, bokat mötestider och resor. Men det finns så många fler smarta sätt att samarbeta med VA:s.

I artikeln lär du dig:

  • nuvarande och framtida arbetsuppgifter VA kan göra för dig
  • hur man anlitar en VA
  • hur framtidens arbetssätt med VA:s kommer att se ut

Mycket nöje!


I’ve Seen the Future of Working with Virtual Assistants. Here’s a Sneak Peak.

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By: Chris Ducker

The internet has revolutionized how modern business is conducted. Nowadays, entrepreneurs find that they can work remotely without the need for any physical office, and still be productive and successful. But as the internet is constantly changing, and it can sometimes seem strenuous and difficult to keep up with, particularly with regards to the management of virtual staff. Where once a VA acted like something similar to a secretary, now, there is no clearly defined role of a virtual assistant. In fact, depending on the type of business and business model, the roles of their respective VA’s could be entirely different. As you watch your business model change and adapt to its online surroundings, it is necessary to change and adapt the role of your VA to suit the new age business needs.

So what are the duties and responsibilities required of your VA now?

The duties required of the majority of VA’s are similar to secretarial duties, regardless of the type of business. These will be directly related to the daily running and management of the business. These include, but are not limited to:

  • e-mail management
  • record keeping
  • accounts
  • appointment scheduling and calendar management
  • data entry
  • hiring and training of new staff

When you first hire a VA you will be surprised at how much time is freed up when you do not have to do any of these mundane and repetitive tasks. While your time can now be spent on growing your business, your VA can also help in this area. Training is important and the better your train your new member of staff, the more useful they will be.

Future Skills for Virtual Assistants – Social Media

One of the advantages of having a VA is that you can outsource all of your social media requirements to them. A good understanding of all social media is becoming increasingly important, particularly for a VA. There are constantly new mediums to advertise and promote your business, and it is no longer sufficient to advertise using traditional methods only. Many business owners turn to social media as this offers the greatest reach at the cheapest cost. But you do not have to do this time-consuming task yourself: it should be the responsibility of your VA. While there are already many established social media advertising outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, your VA can stay ahead of the game by researching “the next big thing”.

As Facebook begins to charge for advertising and reaching followers, other social media engines are filling in the void for those who do not want to pay for expensive advertising. But could your business benefit from less competition being promoted on Facebook? Is Twitter having the desired effect? What other mediums may be of value to the company: Instagram, Google Plus and Reddit for example. Your VA will need to have knowledge of how each of these operate and plan social media campaigns. It will be the responsibility of the VA manage the promotion of your business on social media in the manner you describe in the team meetings.

Being able to use software such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck are positive skills for a VA to have. They are becoming aware of this learning how to use these social media management tools. Writers are becoming competent in article marketing software such as Unique Article Wizard and SeNuke, which gives them a massive advantage to affiliate marketers over generic writers and they can command a higher price for their service.

 The future of hiring virtual staff

The process of hiring virtual staff is becoming more refined. As virtual staff become more in demand, business owners are finding a wider range of employees to choose from on more accessible platforms. Where once finding a good VA was difficult and VA’s were scarce, nowadays you may find yourself spoilt for choice! There has been a rise in the number of VA’s advertising their skills on websites such as Elance and oDesk. These websites are reputable and trustworthy, and a great place to search for virtual staff on an individual basis. This is due to the strict requirements the websites impose on the freelancers, such as language proficiency tests and tests specific to their niche area. All virtual staff will be based remotely, so there are many great options online to choose from.

However, if you find the process of searching for a VA too daunting or time consuming, consider using an organization that finds a VA on your behalf. Unlike oDesk and Elance, these companies will find someone closely suited to your needs without having to sieve through all the candidates. This is also an evolvement in the area of working with virtual assistants, as it saves the business owner time and energy by looking through the mountain of candidates in these popular freelancer sites and coming up with a carefully selected group to choose from, based on the criteria provided.


While the reasons behind hiring virtual staff remain unchanged, the method to hiring staff is changing, as are the roles of the staff themselves. A productive use of your time when it becomes scarce, is to hire an assistant to take control of the daily running of tedious office activities. So while it may seem like you cannot afford the time to find a VA right now, the opposite is true and your business could be suffering as a result! So bite the bullet and get searching for a VA who will help grow your business and give yourself some virtual freedom.

About the Author:

virtual-freedom-is-comingChris Ducker is a successful entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster known for his thought leadership about building businesses and lifestyles that thrive with virtual teams. His highly-anticipated book—Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business—comes out April 1 and is available for pre-order now.





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